What’s Your Worry Score?

To what degree do you worry or think about worst-case scenarios? With zero being never and 10 being all the time. If you score 5 or above, then you must read this!

Some people, and you may be one of them, tend to think of the worst-case scenario when it comes to something they are pursuing or want to go their way, as if worry would somehow ensure that things will go their way! Yet where’s the logic in imagining the worst-case scenario? This encourages the projection of negative images into your future. There may be an entirely different reason for this worry and since you’re not an observer of your own thoughts and feelings if you scored 5 or over, then it’s simply a bad habit or pattern of thinking you’ve hooked into! How did that habit – which is an unconscious way of feeling – start? As EVERYTHING starts off as energy i.e. the energy of invisible thoughts, feelings and emotions (emotions being entangled thoughts and feelings that have developed a charge), where did you pick up that worry energy from?

In my practice, I constantly observe this energy as having been picked up before the age of around 7 when the subconscious acts like a sponge, absorbing energies without sufficient awareness yet to make sense of that energy. It’s such a relief for a client to discover that the worry energy or any other energy perceived as negative, was adopted by them at an early age (often in the womb where the hormones – molecules of emotion – in the mother’s circulation move into the foetus). The challenge I’ve set myself with my blog post each week is to cover each topic by using the caterpillar-butterfly theme as an analogy until I’ve exhausted it – then I will move onto another theme. So here goes…

It’s not natural to worry. By that I mean to develop this habit of negative thinking even if you’ve told yourself that the worry will allow you to not be disappointed or let down if things don’t go as you would like them to – it means you become a victim to your environment. In nature, we don’t see worry! Does your pet dog or cat do worry! Yes its fair to compare, because by doing so we can see that they live in the moment, even if that animal has memories of hurt/pain and so may have defensive traits.

It’s not natural is the link to the nature of the imaginal discs and cells of the butterfly, that begin to appear from within the body of the caterpillar. When the imaginal cells are attacked and engulfed by the caterpillar, it’s impossible for them to perceive themselves as a victim. They inherently know they are different from the caterpillar from which they emerge – the caterpillar being the environment of the imaginal cells – one which is collapsing. This is analogous to your world appearing to collapse around you.

This may be in your personal or professional life or both, which can be the trigger for the ‘what if’ negative scenario of the worrier. What if the worrier could become aware of the next time they begin to go down that mental track of negative projection? What if they could then do a reverse flip with the ‘what if’ scenario? I.e. “what if everything went according to plan and trust that I’ll be ok if it didn’t – how would my life look, how great would I feel?”

To catch oneself going down that negative yet familiar mental track is to be awake and to be conscious of your choice – it’s the choosing to be the observer of your thoughts. It’s the commitment along with persistence to catch yourself, knowing that in doing so, you can then flip the ‘what if’ to a positive projection – knowing this process gets easier and easier until you’ve created a new habit of thinking and feeling.

The persistence of the imaginal cells to continue popping up despite their world collapsing around them is an acceptance that this collapse is essential if they are to create something new with an entirely different perspective of their world. This is what the butterfly has, with compound eyes that see the world so differently to the caterpillar, with the ability to travel larger distances and feed off the nectar of flowers – so very unlike the world it initially inhabited. Could you trust that something magnificent will come through by accepting the collapse of old ideas, beliefs, patterns of thinking that you have been holding onto, even if it’s the misguided belief that worry means I wont feel bad if things don’t work out?

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