How to stop feeling/being attacked or alienated by others

PrintPrintContinuing with the caterpillar-butterfly analogy, from each of the previous blog posts, as nature has so much to teach us when we take a closer look and see with fresh eyes.

How often have you reacted strongly to what another has done or said, being quick to judge! Perhaps you didn’t speak up but felt the reaction any way or perhaps you did. Regardless, could it be that the reaction is not truly about what you think it is about?! As we are automatic creatures, operating from our subconscious (many report over 95% of the time), then whether automatically repressed (kept to yourself creating frustration) or automatically expressed as anger (attacking others), the reaction is in truth, a reaction to the same or a similar trigger that occurred in your past, the result of a stereotypical mindset, formed in the early years of your life. In my mindset model, these mindsets would be referred to as either a Samaritan mindset or a Soldier mindset.













When in the cacoon phase, the automatic nature of the caterpillar’s immune system to fiercely attack emerging butterfly cells (initially referred to as ‘imaginal discs’), is as a result of recognising them as alien – their genome is entirely different to that of the caterpillar.

So what is the purpose of the attack? For that we need to look at its effect. The emerging butterfly cells do not retaliate, yet continue to ‘pop up’ within the caterpillar’s body, until the sheer numbers overwhelm the caterpillar whose body collapses under the stress. In the process the new being, the butterfly, has got stronger just by ‘standing its ground’ – even when the original imaginal discs did not know who they were to become – unaware they are a butterfly in the making, they continue popping up, doing what they need to do, whilst being attacked, until the attacking ends and a beautiful strong amazing being emerges.

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