How to have more energy and feel uplifted everyday


EVERYTHING is energy and so before coming into our physical 3D reality, there has to be an energetic form – as we move into why you need to constantly remind yourself of that, I invite you to dive deeper into that statement. It wasn’t that many years ago when someone using the term ‘energy’ or ‘aura’ in daily conversation, was looked upon as a bit strange. So if its more acceptable now, due to greater usage in media, does that mean we can gloss over its inferences?

As I’ve been saying to clients for years, ‘energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed in form’ (Newtonian Law of Physics) and what a wonderful example we have in the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. This transformation can be viewed as one of hope and trust, that out of the collapse and destruction of the caterpillar’s body (any system that you perceive as breaking down, whether in your body or your outer world), something even more magnificent will emerge. Typically caterpillars would fascinate little boys, and butterflies would fascinate little girls, with fascination having remarkable powers to energize mind and body.

Personally I’ve never lost my fascination with butterflies and see them as having magical qualities like rainbows. You can bring more energy to the fascination by making it more ‘real’ for you. For example I spend more time in a particular room in my home when the sun is streaming through it, as the sunlight catches hanging ornamental crystals throwing rainbows all over the room – if rainbows entrance you and you don’t have such a room then use your imagination and create rainbows when the sun is out by watering plants with a hose and watch the rainbows created in the water spray!

When we just think about things that fascinate us or remind ourselves of what fascinated us, what we found magical as a child, we bring this powerful energy into our mind and body, which automatically displaces any negative energies, to uplift us. By making a commitment to yourself to practice for a few minutes throughout your day, to dwell on what you perceive as fascinating and magical, you will undoubtedly develop a beneficial habit – one which can literally shift the frequency you operate from, which is reflected out to create your world – why would you not want to get into this habit of feeling energized and uplifted?

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