Conflict Resolution – A Fresh Perspective

enhanced-buzz-368-1376589408-6Peace is arrived at one person at a time and it is easy to look at a person’s internal state of thoughts and feelings from the perspective of the body’s cells, our basic unit – miniature universes of human cells communicating clearly with each other.

Think of the human embryo, which starts off as one fertilized cell, and how within just 9 months, without the mother having to will the cells to divide, a few trillion cells have been created, all living miraculously in harmony, knowing their purpose. Dis-ease or Dis-Harmony amongst the body’s cells, is analogous to Dis-Harmony and miscommunication between individuals, stepping it up to communities and then countries.

As a scientist and hypnotherapist for over 13 years, I assist in conflict resolution at the subconscious level bringing that resolution to the conscious level and so bringing about internal peace, which is reflected out to the world. To attempt to achieve peace the other way around, whilst memories, hurts and betrayals lie buried in the subconscious waiting to be healed, is a tall challenge. When we finally get it that by healing internal conflict, this state will be reflected out to our external world, then peace will prevail.

Working from the outside is as many now recognise, dealing with just the symptoms and so the symptoms will recur unless the internal work is done. One by one with clear communication of one consciousness, we arrive at a more peaceful world.

Peace in the outer world begins with peace in one’s internal world – the more individuals with awareness of their humanity as one consciousness and what that truly means – the more compassion and peace in the world – a cascading domino effect.

If you like this analogy and/or have your own take on the above, feel free to reply.

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