Can Kindness Kill?

8. Butterfly emerge 4 web

I told a friend of mine a story I thought that he would appreciate and he did. So I thought I’d share it here. Though you may have heard it before, it’s a great reminder and a great metaphor of the purpose behind ‘struggle’.

It’s about the little girl (the original story may have been a boy) who sees a butterfly trying to break free from it’s cocoon and as she witnesses it struggling to push through, she helps out by peeling off the cocoon, and watches the butterfly drop to the ground, never to recover, never to fly as the struggle was needed to strengthen the butterfly’s wings – don’t you just love that one?

What do you see from your perspective, the struggle from the butterfly’s ‘Sufferer’ perspective or the ‘wanting to be helpful’ which is the Samaritan perspective? Perhaps both, or perhaps another perspective – I’d love to have your take on this.

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