Introducing ‘Di❖Mond Mind’

The intention of this site is to revolutionize the way you think (and so feel) to effect powerful positive changes in your world – changes that deliver success in whatever area of your life you desire true success. Whether that’s relationship with self, others (at home or in your professional life) or money, it starts with shifting from a MindSet to a Di❖Mond MindSet and then to a Di❖Mond Mind.

Di❖Mond Mind Meaning: Reality

You may be wondering why – I separate the ‘Di’
From ‘Mond’ – which now translates – as ‘2 worlds’ with separate gates…

That guard, the entrance to – the inner and outer you
The outer reflected through – what you say and what you do

Expressions of your mind – when perfectly aligned
With feelings that come through – create a world for you

The world that you now see – Your life – Reality

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2 thoughts on “Introducing ‘Di❖Mond Mind’

  1. Hello Sonia

    I love this verse, you have read it to me before and I think it is so very clever. in my own interpretation I refer to the gates as the ‘veil’ and when lifted all is revealed.
    I love your work, I am impressed and looking forward to progressing forward as a participant.

  2. Hi Sonia,

    I truly love your work, it is so inspirational ! I have done my personality test and I’m so impressed with information which actually relates to me so much and is so intelligently accurate. Your work is amazing, thank you Sonia 🙂

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