Are You Ready To Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone?

Caterpillar-To-Butterfly-Images-DownloadIn my blog post last week on ‘Can Kindness Kill?’ I told a story which is a metaphor for everyone’s life. I cannot imagine that there has ever been anyone on this planet that has never struggled, whether that’s physically, mentally, emotionally or any other way that it’s possible to struggle (that I may have missed 🙂 ). If struggle were to have a single purpose, it would be to provide an opportunity to become free from the struggle and strife in order to thrive! In the process of doing so you will automatically be expanding your comfort zone which is reflected in a greater awareness.

I’d love your feedback on a time in your life you struggled with something, which on reflection, you now see how you benefited and how it was needed in order for you to…. Many people focus on the struggle instead of the benefit or growth that goes with it.

As our awareness increases, we find struggle in our life dissolves. Transformation is literally the changing of one form to another, with the caterpillar to the butterfly being one of most well known metaphors to exemplify this. Our own transformation in the way we think, feel, perceive and do, occurs when we step outside our Comfort Zone – that familiar space that keeps us trapped and stagnant. Unfortunately many people stay within their Comfort Zone due to some form of fear – whether that’s fear of what others may think, say, do or fear of failure or success – you get the idea.

Transforming your life means stepping into the fear to experience it in full and as you do, it dissolves. Of course one person’s perception of fear is another’s perception of thrill or excitement – what’s your take?

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