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  • How to have more energy and feel uplifted everyday

    EVERYTHING is energy and so before coming into our physical 3D reality, there has to be an energetic form – as we move into why you need to constantly remind yourself of that, I invite you to dive deeper into that statement. It wasn’t that many years ago when someone using the term ‘energy’ or […]

  • What’s Your Worry Score?

    What’s Your Worry Score?

    To what degree do you worry or think about worst-case scenarios? With zero being never and 10 being all the time. If you score 5 or above, then you must read this! Some people, and you may be one of them, tend to think of the worst-case scenario when it comes to something they are pursuing […]

  • How to stop feeling/being attacked or alienated by others

    Continuing with the caterpillar-butterfly analogy, from each of the previous blog posts, as nature has so much to teach us when we take a closer look and see with fresh eyes. How often have you reacted strongly to what another has done or said, being quick to judge! Perhaps you didn’t speak up but felt […]

  • Conflict Resolution – A Fresh Perspective

    Peace is arrived at one person at a time and it is easy to look at a person’s internal state of thoughts and feelings from the perspective of the body’s cells, our basic unit – miniature universes of human cells communicating clearly with each other. Think of the human embryo, which starts off as one […]

  • Are You Ready To Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone?

    In my blog post last week on ‘Can Kindness Kill?’ I told a story which is a metaphor for everyone’s life. I cannot imagine that there has ever been anyone on this planet that has never struggled, whether that’s physically, mentally, emotionally or any other way that it’s possible to struggle (that I may have […]

  • Can Kindness Kill?

    I told a friend of mine a story I thought that he would appreciate and he did. So I thought I’d share it here. Though you may have heard it before, it’s a great reminder and a great metaphor of the purpose behind ‘struggle’. It’s about the little girl (the original story may have been […]

  • Introducing ‘Di❖Mond Mind’

    The intention of this site is to revolutionize the way you think (and so feel) to effect powerful positive changes in your world – changes that deliver success in whatever area of your life you desire true success. Whether that’s relationship with self, others (at home or in your professional life) or money, it starts […]